RRB-10 Final Program - Download here.


Wednesday, June 4


09.00         Registration            

Official Opening and Plenary Session

Plenary Talks

Biobased high performance polymers and composites

Richard Wool, University of Delaware, USA

Waste not want not – catalysing a sustainable future
Karen Wilson, European Bioenergy Research Institute
12.00-13.00 Lunch

Parallel Sessions

1A - Biobased polymers and materials (I)

1B - Valorisation of biomass waste streams (I)

1C - Pretreatment and transformation of lignocellosics  (I)

14.30-15.15 Coffee Break and Exhibition 

Keynote Lecture 

Lysine-derived surgical adhesives and sealants: Development to approval and commercialization

Eric Beckman, University of Pittsburgh, USA


Parallel Sessions

2A - Biobased polymers and materials (II)

2B - Bioactive compounds from biomass

2C - Plant cell wall modification (I)

17.30 Guided Tour
19.00 Welcome Reception


Thursday, June 5



Parallel Sessions

3A - Biocatalysis for bioresource transformation (I)

3B - Bioproducts from woody biomass

3C - Plant cell wall modification (II)

10.30-11.15 Coffee Break and Exhibition

Parallel Sessions

4A - Advanced generation bioenergy vectors 

4B - Pretreatment and transformation of lignocellulosics (II) 

12.45-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.30  Interactive Poster Session

Parallel Sessions

5A - Biocatalysis for bioresource transformation (II)

5B - Thermochemical transformations of biomass

5C - Nutrient and energy cycling (I)

16.00-16.30 Coffee Break and Exhibition

Parallel Sessions

6A - Sustainability

6B - Chemical platform molecules

6C - Nutrient and energy cycling (II)

20.00 Conference Dinner


Friday, June 6



Parallel Sessions

7A - Case studies / Pilot plants

7B - Environmental biotech 

7C - Valorisation of biomass waste streams (II)


10.30-11.30  Coffee Break, Exhibition and Poster Session 

Keynote Lecture 

Products from microalgae

Yusuf Chisti, Massey Univ., NZ


Parallel Sessions 

8A - Metabolic engineering and fermentation processes

8B - Micro and macro algae technology

8C - Pretreatment and transformation of lignocellulosics (III) 

 13.45-14.00 Closing Remarks and presentation of RRB-11 
14.00 Farewell Lunch