First International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries

September 19-21st 2005



The first International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries was held at Ghent University in September 19-21st 2005.

This conference brought together leading political, corporate and academic figures from three continents to provide an overview of the economic, environmental and social issues.

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Conference opening

  Marc Declercq - Vice-rector Ghent University
Plenary lectures
Christian Patermann - European Commission, Belgium
Building the European knowledge based bio-economy
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James Clark - University of York, UK
Renewable resources: The first step in greening the life-cycle of chemical products?
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Greg Zeikus – Michigan State University, USA
Biobased industrial products: Back to the future for agriculture
Session 1. General aspects of biorefineries
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Johan Sanders - Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Biorefinery, the bridge between Agriculture and Chemistry
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Christophe Rupp-Dahlem – Roquette, France
The starch based biorefinery: today and tomorrow
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Alexander Steinbüchel – University of Münster, Germany
Biopolymer degrading and synthesizing microorganisms as integral parts of biorefineries
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Thierry Talou - ENSIACET Toulouse, France
AgroResource Refining Concept (A2RC) applied to aromatic plants
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Birgit Kamm – Research institute Biopos e.V., Germany
International Biorefinery-Systems.
Session 2. Bio-energy I
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Réné van Ree - Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands
Large-scale biomass-derived Fischer-Tropsch diesel production: technological status and perspectives
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Markus Maly - Clausthaler Umwelttechnik Institut, Germany
The Biomass-to-Liquid-Process at CUTEC: Optimisation of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis with carbon dioxide-rich synthesis gas
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Martin Mittelbach – University of Graz, Austria
Biodiesel: Production technologies and perspectives
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Luc Van Ginneken - Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Belgium
Biodiesel fuel production from vegetable oil by transesterification in supercritical methanol
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Roland Verhé – Ghent University, Belgium
Waste fats and oils as a basis for biodiesel production
Session 3. Bioplastics and biopolymers
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Richard Larock - Iowa State University, USA
Novel polymeric materials from biological oils
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Jeroen Van Soest - Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands
The development of biopolymer nanostructured materials – plastics, gels, IPN’s and nanofoams
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Bruno De Wilde - Organic Waste Systems, Belgium
Biodegradable polymers: State of affairs
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Frits de Wolf - Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands
Tailor-made collagen-like, silk-like and other protein polymers produced by microorganisms
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Luisa Serafim – Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Biodegradable polymer production from volatile fatty acids
Session 4. Metabolic engineering and industrial fermentation
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Manfred Kircher – Degussa, Germany
Chemical industry, white biotechnology and renewables
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Benjamin Gonzalez & Philippe Soucaille - Metabolic Explorer, France
Scaling up the business of white biotechnology
Jefferson Lievense – Tate & Lyle, UK
The 1,3 propanediol biorefinery: Production and applications of 1,3 propanediol
Olga Selifonova – Cargill, USA
3-Hydroxypropionic acid - an example of a bio-based industrial chemical
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Ka-Yiu San – Rice University, USA
Development of efficient Escherichia coli succinate production strains
Session 5. Sustainability aspects of the bio-based economy
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Peter Saling, BASF
Eco-efficiency balance studies
Chris Hessler – AJW Consulting, USA
Industrial Biotechnology for pollution prevention, resource conservation and cost reduction
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Jo Dewulf - Ghent University, Belgium
An exergy-based approach to assess the efficiency and renewability of biofuel production
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Dieter Sell – Dechema, Germany
BioBeN: a software tool for the evaluation of sustainability aspects in biotechnology
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Sergio Blanco-Rosete – University of Manchester, UK
Development of sustainable processes for the conversion of renewable raw materials to platform chemicals
Session 6. Bio-energy II
Brigitte Ahring – Danish Technical University (DTU) BioCentrum 
Transforming straw into renewable fuels and chemicals
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Bruce Dale – Michigan State University, USA
What is the net energy of bio-ethanol? A foolish and unimportant question
Willy Verstraete – Ghent University, Belgium
The biogas promise in large-scale practice
Mehrdad Arshadi - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Wood pellets as renewable biomaterial for energy production
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Korneel Rabaey - Ghent University, Belgium
Microbial fuel cells: Carbohydrates to power in a single step
Keynote lecture
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Larry Johnson - Iowa State University, USA
Biobased products and biofuels from the vast reserves of renewable resources
Policy opening lecture
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Kris Peeters – Flemish Minister of Energy and Environment
Flemish policy in renewable resources
Session 7. Policy aspects of the bio-based economy
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Jo Vanhemelrijk – Europabio, Belgium
The European Bio-based economy: A vision for 2025
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Christian Bertsch – German parliament
The Renewable Resources act: a german perspective for promotion and funding of bio-based products and industries
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Colja Laane – DSM, The Netherlands
White Biotechnology: Europe on the move
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Matthew Carr, BIO, USA
The bipartisan bioeconomy: The ascent of "biobased" in the United States
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Rolf Bachmann – McKinsey & Co, Switzerland
Making the bio-based economy happen: changes and successful management approaches in the chemical industry
Session 8. Enzymatic bioprocessing
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Kirsten Birkegaard Staer – Novozymes, Denmark
The contribution of enzymes to bioprocessing and industrial sustainability
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Pauline J. M. Teunissen – Genencor, The Netherlands
Industrial biocatalysts for the bio-based economy
Tianwei Tan – Beijing Key Laboratory of Bioprocessing, China
Production of biodiesel by enzymatic conversion
Marc van der Maarel – TNO/University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Engineering the Thermus thermophilus amylomaltase for production of thermoreversible starch gels
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Nóra Szijártó - Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Hydrolytic properties of two novel cellulases of Melanocarpus albomyces expressed in Trichoderma reesei
Session 9: Chemical modification of renewable raw materials
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Tina Rogge - Ghent University, Belgium
Chemical modification of inulin
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Jacco van Haveren - Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands
New non-food technologies using (un)saturated and hydroxyl functionalised fatty acids
Andrew Proctor - University of Arkansas, USA
Conjugated linoleic acid synthesis from soy oil by photoisomerization
Session 10: Hemicellulose-based chemicals
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Pierre-Yves Pontalier - Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, France
Production of hemicelluloses by the combination of twin-screw extrusion and ultrafiltration
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Simon Curling - University of Wales, UK
Timber residue as a source for hemicellulose process chemicals
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Boris Estrine – Agro-Industrie Recherches et Développements, France
Development of new environmentally friendly surfactants derived from wheat byproducts