RRB-9  - Final Program

Download the final program here. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


10.45-11.00  Official Opening of RRB-9 & Welcome Addresses

Plenary Session


The way forward for the biobased economy in Europe
Barend Verachtert, European Commission


In the shadow of the Alberta Oilsands: A Canadian perspective on drop-in advanced biofuels and biochemicals 

David Bressler, University of Alberta, CA 

12.15-13.15 Lunch
13.15-14.45 Parallel sessions   


Session 1A
Biobased polymers and materials - I

Chair: Antoine Rouilly
Université de Tolouse, FR
Session 1B
Valorisation of biomass waste
Chair: David Bressler
University of Alberta, CA
Session 1C
Improving biomass production – I

Chair: Dirk Inzé
Ghent University, BE
Extrusion of sodium caseinate: Compound, films and properties
Frédéric Prochazka, University Jean Monnet, FR
From biomass to biochemicals – innovation and serendipity

Han de Winde, Leiden University, NL

Molecular mechanisms orchestrating
biomass production

Dirk Inzé, Ghent University, BE
PHA production by mixed cultures: A way to valorize industrial waste
Luisa Serafim, University of Aveiro, PT

Utilization of waste bread for lactic acid fermentation
Joachim Venus, Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim (ATB), DE
Safety and quality assurance measures along the pellets supply chain, the safepellets project
Elizabeth Valencia-Reyes, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SE
Synthesis and properties of 5-hydroxy-methylfurfural and furanic polymers
Guang-Way Jang, Industrial
Technology Research Institute, TW
Butyric acid fermentation from pre-treated wheat straw by a mutant clostridium tyrobutyricum strain
George Nabin Baroi, Aalborg University Copenhagen, DK
The effect of enhanced GA levels on lignification in the maize stem
Wannes Voorend, VIB & Ghent University, BE
Synthetic humic materials from lignin based by-products of the South African pulp and paper industry: Synthesis and properties
Luvuyo Tyhoda, University of Stellenbosch, ZA
Ecopolyols production from cork powder via liquefaction using polyhydric alcohols
Belinda I.G. Soares, University of Aveiro, PT

Novel methods to change the properties
of cardboards

Guangmao Tian, University of York, UK

 14.45 - 15.15     Coffee Break and Exhibition
15.15 - 16.45     Parallel sessions

Session 2A
Biobased polymers and materials - II

Chair: Chris Stevens
Ghent University, BE
Session 2B
Bioactive compounds from biomass

Chair: Thierry Talou
Université de Toulouse, FR 
Session 2C
Plant cell wall modification - I

Chair: Herman Höfte
INRA Versailles, FR
Polyelectrolyte gels from renewable lignosulphonate
Bernt O. Myrvold, Borregaard Industries, NO
Agro- and biorefinery of plant origin raw materials for the production of high added value functional ingredients
Rimantas Venskutonis, Kaunas
Technology University, LT
Molecular basis of cell wall biosynthesis
Herman Höfte, INRA Versailles, FR

Bio-oil upgrading strategies to improve PHA production from selected aerobic mixed cultures
Morphine – A sustainable platform molecule from biomass
Nicholas Gathergood, Dublin City University, IE
Modifying the plant cell wall to improve the conversion of cell wall polysaccharides
Bartel Vanholme, VIB & Ghent University, BE
Applications of Starbons®, novel carbonaceous materials, in

Cinthia Mena-Duran
University of York, UK
Isolation of sinapic acid from
rapeseed meal as a building block
for bio based polymers

Alexander Thiel, University of Kaiserslautern, DE
Mutational studies on cellulose-binding
domain toward improved cellulose decrystallization effect and binding

Andreas Bommarius, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
Utilisation of biodiesel industry by-products and levulinic acid for the production of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-

Vasiliki Kachrimanidou, Agricultural University of Athens, GR
Molecular Farming: Transgenic plants as renewable resources of high value recombinant proteins
Bart Van Droogenbroeck, ILVO, BE
Genetic improvement of biomass for biofuel production: Prospects from an arabidopsis xylan O-acetylation mutant

Matthieu Bensussan, INRA Versailles, France 


17.00                  Guided Tour
19.00 - 20.30     Reception at the Town Hall
Thursday, 6 June 2013
08.30-10.00       Parallel sessions 
Session 3A
Biocatalysis for bioresource transformation - I

Chair: Tom Desmet
Ghent University, BE
Session 3B
Bioproducts from woody biomass

Chair: Angela Karp
Rothamsted Research, UK
Session 3C
Improving biomass production
– II
Chair: Erik Van Bockstaele

Molecular engineering of glucansucrase generates original carbohydrate products
Pierre Monsan, Toulouse, FR

 Developing products from bark
 Heikki Hokkanen,
 University of Helsinki, FI
Development and use of the new
multiparental population in maize

Enrico Pè, Pisa, IT
Development of new biocatalysts based on cellulases and hemicellulases for lignocellulose conversion
Vincenza Faraco, University of Naples ‘Federico II’, IT
Fish feed from wood
Björn Alriksson, Processum Biorefinery Initiative AB, SE

Genetic diversity within a miscanthus sinensis collection
Hilde Muylle, ILVO, BE

Direct enzymatic acrylation of maltooligosaccharides
Bianca Ayres, State University of Campinas, BR
Uphorbia tirucalli is a much better and more sustainable source of biofuel than jatropha curcas…
Patrick Van Damme, Ghent University, BE
Improvingcultivation and fractionation of legumesfor the production of valuable feedstocks for green biorefineries
Franka PapendiekLeibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, DE
Fungal laccases – natural catalysts for lignin processing in biorefineries?
Simon Roth
, RWTH Aachen University, DE
Candida lignohabitans for biorefinery application
Martina Bellasio, VIBT University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, AT
Valorisation of leek (allium ampelorpasum var. Porrum) leaves
Nathalie Bernaert, Ghent University & ILVO, BE 
10.00-10.30       Coffee Break and Exhibition
10.30-12.00       Parallel sessions
Session 4A
Advanced generation bioenergy
vectors - I

Chair: Wim Soetaert
Ghent University, BE
Session 4B
Pretreatment and transformation of ligno-cellulose

Chair: Tania Forster Carneiro 
University of Campinas, BR

Session 4C
Plant cell wall modification - II

Chair: Wout Boerjan
Ghent University, BE

Bioenergy vectors from microalgae
Antonio Marzocchella, University of Naples Federico II, IT

Sustainable pre-treatment technology for sustainable renewable lignocellulosic biomass
Ricardo Roq
ue, University of Birmingham, UK
Progress in modification of plant cell wall polysaccharides to impact biorefining
Paul Dupree, Cambridge, UK

Chitobioengineering: Production of
chito-oligomers via bacterial

Hendrik Waegeman, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, BE
Analyses of fatty and resin acid content in different wood tissues of pinus contorta and pinus sylvestris for biorefinery application
Mehrdad Arshadi, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SE
High level lignocellulolytic protein expression in pichia pastoris combining synthetic promoters and synthetic genes
Andrea Mellitzer, IMBT TUGraz, AT

Minicellulosome-Engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae for Cellulosic Ethanol Production
Li-Hai Fan, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, CN


Amphiphilic ionic liquids with
biosourced carboxylate counter-anions: Surface activity, self-assembling properties, theoretical modeling and application to cellulose dissolutio
Andrea Mühlbauer, Université de Lille, FR
Investigation of biological pretreatment of wheat straw for bioethanol production
Nattha Pensupa, University of Nottingham, UK
High strength wastewater treatment in a low-cost microbial fuel cell
Karolien Vanbroekhoven, VITO, BE
Highly efficient production of optically pure l-lactic acid from lignocellulosic biomass by newly isolated bacillus coagulans strains
Lidan Ye, Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, SG
The identification of laccases involved in lignin formation in Brachypodium distachyon stems
Yin Wang, INRA Versailles, France

12.00-13.00       Poster Session
13.00-14.00       Lunch
14.00-15.30       Parallel sessions                      
Session 5A
Biocatalysis for bioresource transformation - II

Chair: Erick Vandamme
Ghent University, BE
Session 5B
Thermochemical transformations of biomass

Chair: Wolter Prins
Ghent University, BE

Session 5C
Nutrient recovery technology
Chair: Erik Meers 
Ghent University, BE

Recent insights into the function of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases
Svein Jarle Horn, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NO

Advances in biomass catalytic pyrolysis towards production of transportation fuels
Angelos Lappas, Center for Research & Technology, GR
FERTIPLUS: Reducing mineral fertilisers and agro-chemicals by recycling treated organic waste as compost and bio-char
Andrew Ross, University of Leeds, UK
Cross-linked enzyme aggregates: Highly efficient and reusable catalysts for transesterification of fats and oils
Sigurd Schober, University of Graz, AT
Wood-derived olefins from hydrodeoxygenated tall oils
Kevin M. Van Geem, Ghent University, BE

Mineral concentrate from processed manure as mineral fertiliser
Gerard Velthof, Wageningen University, NL
Enzyme kinetics of the detoxification reaction by laccase
Iris Cornet, University of Antwerp, BE

Catalytic conversion of kraft lignin in near-critical water
Marco Maschietti, Chalmers University of Technology, SE

COMBINE & ProGrass: Optimized conversion of green cut biomass to heat and electricity 
Jan Khalsa, Kassel University, DE

Previously unknown clostridia participate in syngas fermentation for butanol production
Sara Ramio-Pujol, University of Girona, ES
The impact of particle size on slow pyrolysis reaction kinetics through thermogravimetric analysis
Robert Nachenius, Ghent University, BE
INEMAD: New management approaches and technologies to improve utilisation of nutrients and increase energy production in selected EU-countries
Brian Jacobson, University of Copenhagen, DK
Flash presentation: Field and lab scale assessment of biobasedmineral fertilizer substitutes

Ivona Sigurnjak, HR / BE

Flash presentation: C2C-H2O: Water and K recovery from animal manure

Evi Michels, Ghent University, BE

15.30-16.00       Coffee Break and Exhibition
16.00-17.30       Parallel sessions
Session 6A
Chair: Philippe Tavernier 
Development Agency of West Flanders (POM); BE
Session 6B
Chemical platform molecules

Chair: Chris Stevens 
Ghent University, BE

Session 6C
Optimizing nutrient & energy cycling

Chair: J.
Wageningen University, NL
Sustainable materials from renewable cellulose
Janet Scott, University of Bath, UK
Renewable chemical building blocks not compromising sustainability

Chris Stevens, Ghent University, BE

Closing the loop on farm fluidized bed combustion of poultry litter
Deirdre Lynch, IE
Bamboo as an alternative sustainable renewable feedstock for fuels and materials

Claudia Daza Montaño, ECN, NL

Chemicals from bioethanol: a Brazilian perspective

Gustavo Paim Valença, State University of Campinas, BR

Solubilized organic matter for more efficient fertilizer use

Bernt Myrvold, Borregaard Industries, NO


Global initiatives to harmonise sustainability criteria for biomass

Harmen Willemse, NEN, NL

Novel isohexides and furandicarboxylic acid building blocks and polymers based upon them

Jacco van Haveren, Wageningen University, NL

Coupling bio-energy processes and nutrient cycling 
Claudia Ziegler, IZES, DE


Exergy and life cycle analysis of microalgae as feed for aquaculture
Sue Ellen Taelman, Ghent University, BE
From chemical platform molecules towards new bio-based solvents: Methodologies and case study

Manon Bergez-Lacoste, Université de Toulouse, FR

Wastewater resources

Kees Roest, KWR Watercycle Research Institute, NL


Flash presentation: European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) initiative

Chris Thornton, UK

    P recovery from municipal WWT plants
Carl Dewaele, NuReSys, BE
20.00                  Conference Dinner
Friday, 7 June 2013
08.30-10.00       Parallel sessions

Session 7A
Process intensification for biorefineries

Chair: Wim Soetaert
Ghent University, BE
Session 7B
Socio-economic aspects of the biobased economy

Chair: Philippe Tavernier
Development Agency of West Flanders (POM), BE

Process intensification in the production of ethylic biodiesel
Antonio Meirelles, University of Campinas, BR
The territorially integrated biorefinery: Towards an economic, organizational and technological transition
Lucian Ceapraz, LaSalle Beauvais Polytechnic Institute, FR
Novel solutions for industrial purification of organic
acids used as building blocks

Fréderic Schab, Novasep Process, FR
Sources of change: Unpacking landscape pressures on socio-technical regimes - Insights from the food waste supply chain
Piergiuseppe Morone, Sapienza University of Roma,IT
Adding value to food industry biomass: recovery of bioactive compounds and production of valuable substance
Tania Forster Carneiro, University of Campinas, BR

Parametric analysis of total costs and energy efficiency of 2g enzymatic ethanol production in medium-scale agriculture sectors
Arturo Sanchez, Unidad de Ingeniería Avanzada, MX

Biorefinery of sweet sorghum stem: biofuels,
biochemicals and biomaterial in green chemical sight

Di Cai, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, CN

Use of by-products as system innovation: GeNeSys - Valorisation pathways for plant-derived by-products and wastes
Lies Kips, ILVO, BE

10.00-10.30       Coffee Break and Exhibition

10.30-12.30       Parallel sessions
Session 8A
Metabolic engineering of fermentation processes

Chair: Marjan De Mey
Ghent University, BE
Session 8B
Micro and macro algae technology

Chair: Hans Reith 
University of Wageningen, NL
Yeast as a producer of advanced biofuels and

Verena Siewers, Chalmers University, SE
Biorefinery of microalgae: Production of high value products, bulk chemicals and biofuels
Michel Eppink, University of Wageningen, NL
Gaseous fermentation to isobutene, butadiene,
isoprene and propylene

Jean-Baptiste Barbaroux, Global Bioenergies, FR
Production of high cell density of cyanobacterium phorimidum sp. using cassava wastewater
Erika Cristina Francisco, University of Campinas, BR
Sophorolipids produced by the yeast starmerella bombicola: biotechnological opportunities
Sophie Roelants, Ghent University, BE

Micro photo-bioreactor(mPBR): An emerging technology in microalgae cultivation
Ebenezer Ojo, University College London, UK

Multivariate-modular metabolic engineering for chemical biosynthesis in bacteria
Ajikumar Parayil, Manus Biosynthesis, USA

Integrated designs of micro-algae biorefineries using a fixed selection of halophytic algae
Antonis Kokossis, National Technical University of Athens, GR

High-level production of erythritol by yarrowia lipolytica MK1 mutant from glycerol
Aleksandra M. Mirończuk, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, PL

Process synthesis and integration for improving the economic viability of bio-jet fuel production from microalgae
Binta Zakari Bello, Cranfield University, UK



12.30-13.30      Lunch

13.30-14.30     Poster Session

14.30-15.15      Keynote lecture: Green Chemistry and the biorefinery

                            James Clark, University of York, UK

15.15-15.30      Closing Remarks and presentation of RBB-10

15.30                  Farewell Reception